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To see your character from eyebrow shape

The eyebrow should fit your character.

Men's eyebrows make gas field changes, and thus invisible to enhance your personal style. So, now to eyebrow shaping.

Four Steps to take care of eyebrow

Carefully combing eyebrows.保養

A mirror to carefully observe, you will find that the the eyebrows growth direction is not consistent, especially messy male eyebrows. Eyebrow comb carefully comb the eyebrows, in accordance with the brow oblique eyebrow in parallel, the Mei Wei oblique order, eyebrows combed smoothly.

2. Removal Soke

Eyebrow Shaping, Eyebrow the Soke is removed between the two eyebrows, eyelids upper position, retain the eyebrows, the main part, to deal with long eyebrows can lose eyebrow shaping scissors so as not to appear too stiff. Finally eyebrow tweezers to handle the local details, eyebrows should not be trimmed too thin places, otherwise they will feel very feminine.

3. Fixed-point adjustment eyebrow男性護膚

Just make sure the position of the brow, Mei Feng, Mei Wei can tease out roughly eyebrow toward these three points are marked with light-colored eyebrow pencil to adjust the position of the three, based on individual circumstances, Mei Feng overly exposed inside adjustment will cause a more three-dimensional face shape, Mei Feng excessive seem severely lowered Mei Feng angle, people look calm and amiable. Can also be bought online men's eyebrow card, as long as the shape cf card, will be able to adjust to the ideal shape.

4 fast setting

With eyebrow brush dipped eyebrow brush slope close to the eyebrows, slowly, from the eyebrow brush to both sides to deepen eyebrow color. Particularly bushy eyebrows, eyebrow gel persistent stereotypes.除雙下巴

Four eyebrow now personality

Eyebrows is the framework of the eyes, facial expressions increased efforts to play a decisive role in the face, eyebrows after a good dressing, the whole face would look very stylish, and more three-dimensional.